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Passing competitive exams such as Pearson Test of English – Academic PTE, International English Language Testing System IELTS and Occupational English Test (OET) is one of the most significant hurdles for Internationals in Christchurch, New Zealand seeking to attain their migration requirements. ‘Little drops of water make the mighty Ocean’ – We believe in this proverb, and that following it will lead anyone to a successful destination. Our journey started in 2017 with one-to-one classes, which then became group sessions. Word-of-Mouth advertising, which is a crucial component of the organic growth of start-ups, made us understand that our dearest clients trusted our tutoring methodologies for competitive exams. This led to the emergence of IELTS and PTE Tutorial Christchurch Limited in 2017. The endless voyage initiated with PTE, led onto IELTS and OET. We are now one of the oldest Tutoring services in Christchurch, flexible sessions every day as per the requirement of our clients, with various attractive packages so you can achieve all your goals. We also offer weekend sessions for clients busy on weekdays. Always have faith that there‚Äôs light at the end of the tunnel -Famous quote Come visit us! We understand your struggle, but we also believe in your success. We give thanks to all our clients who have trusted us at the starting phase of our business.


Our mission is to provide immigrants with the knowledge and skills needed to pass their English Tests.
We aim to provide all our clients with the best opportunities to build a better future.

Our vision is to be the recognized leaders in this industry and support immigrants in their educational journey.
We want each of our clients to achieve his/her desired score in the stipulated time period.

our best vision

Why Choose Us

IELTS and PTE Tutorial Christchurch aim to provide you with quality education through our brilliant faculty, excellent ambiance, outstanding infrastructure and highly flexible timetable.

  1. Brilliant faculty
  2. Ideal location and ambiance
  3. Free initial assessment
  4. Small group sessions
  5. One-to- one sessions
  6. Flexibility
  7. Online portal facility
  8. Productive feedback
  9. Excellent reputation
  10. Online one to one session
Why Choose Us