Which test is easier to crack IELTS or PTE? 

Both tests are designed to assess your English skills, but PTE is more popular than IELTS, as it is computer based test and there is no human interference.


Can I use PTE for residency purpose?

Yes PTE is accepted for NZ residency and one needs a score of overall 58 that is equivalent to 6.5 in IELTS.


Who recognizes PTE-A?

PTE is popular in developed countries around the globe, and recognised for study and immigration purposes.


How much time does it take to prepare for this test? 

PTE is a computer based test, and there is no instruction before the every task starts, so you need to know timing and sequence of the tasks in advance. So there are less chances of getting confused in the test.


How to compare the score between IELTS and PTE?

PTE give you score on the scale of 0-90 and IELTS from 0-9. Below the chart for the reference.


Do I need to learn a special software to pass PTE-A exam?

You do not need special computer knowledge. Just a typing speed is required, so that you can type at least 200 words in 20 minutes.


Will computer recognise my accent? 

PTE has designed a very advanced software that can recognize 190 accents around the world.


Am I allow to take notes in my exam? 

Absolutely, you will be given an erasable notebook and marker pen before you begin the test.


Can I go back and check my answers or change it?

No this test does not allow you to go to previous task, which are already done.


How long does it take to get the result?

It take around 5 working days to get the result, but in most of the cases it is available within 24 hours.


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